Server Rules


The following shall be a set of rules and tiers of punishments that will be applied to every member of the server.


No Nazi Glorification - Being located in Germany, the server is subject to German law, and as such is obliged to take action to prevent neonazi squadnames/names/comments from appearing. Any person(s) who espouse(s) neonazism will not be welcome on the server.

No racism, insulting or obnoxious behavior - Racism, inflammatory and insulting behavior is strictly prohibited. Treat your fellow players with decency and courtesy. Additionally, do not spam the chat with text or voice commands, especially if done in a way to avoid the automatic block.

No politics or religion - The server is a place where many different people of different creeds and countries converge. They are all here with one goal - to relax and play a first person shooter, not to discuss a current political topic or the essence of God.

No teamkilling - Intentionally teamkilling somebody on purpose is strictly forbidden. Should you teamkill somebody accidentally, please apologize in the all-chat.

Wait in line for vehicles/kits - There is a wide variety of vehicles and pickup kits in the mod. It should come as no surprise that there are often many willing people to get to them. To avoid confusion and bickering, the person who was first at the vehicle/kit in question is entitled to it. NOTE: “Reserving” a vehicle for the whole of the round without actually waiting at the physical location is not allowed.

Do not attack mainbase - Mainbases (flags crossed over with a red circle with a 45 degree diagonal line inside the circle from upper left to lower right) are considered safe zones, and as such, firing into them from artillery/smallarms/vehicles is prohibited. NOTE: Aircraft are allowed to attack fixed positions in the mainbase such as AA guns or artillery. Furthermore, the ABC line is NOT the mainbase and you are allowed to fire in/out of it.

Do not exploit bugs or use hacks - Although with every patch and release their amount is reduced, bugs will still exist. There may be an opening in the wall which allows you to jump outside the map, or a glitchy static which allows you to climb to an unassailable position. Such behavior is not allowed, as it is unfair to the enemy team nor is it something that was intended or taken into account by the developers. Furthermore, using any hack is strictly forbidden.

Do not advertise other servers - Advertising other servers in the all chat is not allowed as it disrupts the population of the current server, splits the community, and is a nuisance to players who genuinely want to enjoy the game.

Do not evade your ban - Ban evasion is strictly prohibited and will be enforced to maintain the integrity of the administration system of the server. Should you feel as if your ban is unjust or wish to clarify the nuances of it, you can do so in the Forgotten Hope 2 discord, where you will be given a chance to present your case.

Do not impersonate other players - Impersonating other players is a serious breach of trust both for the admin team and the player base, hence it is unwelcome on the server.


Preamble: While not necessarily rules, these guidelines will serve to inform about certain nuances while playing FH2 or playing on the server.

Install with the standalone: Installing with the standalone, or an original BF2 disk/version is the best way to avoid repetitive CD keys. Torrented or cracked BF2 installations often generate generic CD keys and lead to instances where many players share similar hashes. As a result, there may be instances of false positives where you are mistaken for another banned player and banned for ban evasion.

Locked squads: FH2 is a game played both alone and with friends. Friends who want to play in squads can lock them to avoid any unwanted guests, which is not prohibited in any way. However, whenever the server is full and the limit of 9 squads is reached, if you are playing in a locked squad, you may be asked to unlock it. Furthermore, one man locked squads may be dissolved.


Punishment tiers: There will be 3 tiers of punishment: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3.

  • Tier 1 will be applied in instances such as teamkilling, not waiting in line or obnoxious behavior.

  • Tier 2 shall be applied in more serious instances, such as racism, exploiting, impersonating, flaming, or mass teamkilling.

  • Tier 3 shall be applied in the gravest instances such as neonazism, ban evasion, explicit racism or hacking.

Tier 1:

1st Offence: You will be warned.

2nd Offence: You will be kicked.

3rd Offence: You will be banned for a duration of 2 weeks.

4th Offence: You will be warned.

5th Offence: You will be kicked.

6th Offence: You will be banned permanently.

Tier 2:

1st Offence: You will be kicked.

2nd Offence: You will be banned for a duration of 2 weeks.

3rd Offence: You will be banned permanently.

Tier 3:

1st Offence: You will be banned for a duration of 2 weeks.

2nd Offence: You will be banned permanently.

*Note, in the case of ban evasion, a permanent ban will be issued.

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